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self healing through meditation
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"Good Health starts with healing yourself with the energy of Love."

We have ignored the word ‘Heal’ in health for a long time and tried to achieve health through various treatments and medications.

Today’s science is also backing up the wonders and magic of meditation and tapping into the power of the mind.

My sole aim has been to understand the principle and practices of the ancient Indian wisdom -the chakra system and energy body and distil it into simple, relatable, and relevant self-care techniques to bring health and vitality into our lives.

Through my journey of healing myself physically from 4 brain operations and compromised mobility to a fully functional and healed individual. I navigated through all the emotions associated with being bedridden for months, the inability to work and look after my four-month-old baby, overcoming a traumatic relationship, and finally making the bold decision to leave my past behind to become fully healed, hence healthy.

How can I help you?

Being a PhD in Vedic yoga from Yoga Samskrutham University-Florida, I researched Psychoneurobics (meditation practice) and its impact on the hormonal health and wellbeing of hundreds of women. Having tested all the techniques gives me the level of confidence and expertise that I can help you in areas like
  1. Reassess your physical and emotional state using the ‘Kirlian’ camera (in-person client) or using a questionnaire for a distant client.
  2. Unlock any emotional blockages by understanding how our emotional state impacts our physical symptoms, i.e. feeling of fear can cause tightness or pain in joints and various nervous system-related symptoms.
  3. You will be learning to use the Psychoneurobics self-healing meditation practices to heal yourself from old, self-limiting emotional patterns.
  4. Start recreating the healthier mindset by setting up a bespoke energy imbibing routine. Here I’ll focus on building healthy food choices, a consistent energy yoga regime and most crucial meditation practices.
Upcoming Healing Circles ​

Creating a Vision for Life

24th March 2022 @ 10 AM - 11:30 AM zoom class

Do you suffer from emotional states like anxiety, confusion, lack of decision-making power, low self-confidence, insecurity?

If you have forgotten about all the dreams which you once had and suffer from sleepless nights .

If you are going through a change in life and want some direction from your higher intelligence.

If you have difficulty retaining information and suffer from brain fog and forgetfulness.

If you are living in the past and feel stuck to moving forward.

Join me for this 90 mins monthly healing session to uncover:
Dates coming soon

Health Through Psychoneurobic Meditation

Do you suffer from chronic health conditions and physical pain?

Do you suffer from anxiety and stress-related symptoms?

Have sleepless nights become a norm?

Do you suffer from hormonal issues and don't know what's happening with your body?

Are you considering counselling to process your emotions?

Do you want to learn tools to age beautifully and free yourself from doctor's visits?

In May, I'm teaching how to strengthen your mind, work on your emotional body, and achieve health-emotionally, mentally, and physically. in this 3 hrs mini-course on "Health Through Psychoneurobic Meditation. "

Psycho comes from the word "Psyche" , which means mind , "Neuro" means brain and "bics" means exercise . Therefore, Psychoneurobics is the exercise of the mind to pump energy to the neurons in our brain and strengthen our brain cells to help us achieve health and vitality.

We would use a 7-colour 3D book to activate different parts of the brain into a higher frequency (Theta, Alpha or Delta wave)

Online classes

Wednesday Zoom classes

We offer meditation and energy yoga classes on zoom every Wednesday 10-11 am.

Please contact me if you want a coupon for the First free trial.

The month of May Emphasis on Healing the Lower back and improving the flexibility of Spine.

There are various Packages available for May:


(Save £9)

3 Wednesday Zoom Classes (3Hrs) without recording


(Save £6)

3 Wednesday Zoom Classes (3Hrs) with recording


(Save £19)

3 Wednesday Zoom Classes and the Monthly Online Healing Circle (4.5Hrs) (Creating Vision)


(Save £12)

3 Wednesday Zoom Classes (3Hrs) without recording


(Save £8)

3 Wednesday Zoom Classes (3Hrs) with recording

Our Vision

ReCreating my Signature

ReCreating my Signature

Till I was just touching the surface not thinking hard and different,

Till I was just ‘copy and pasting’ into my life solutions from other people’s lives and lines,

I was just creating a life full of confusion, confusion, and more confusion!

I had to dig in deep into my core, shone a light, and release the hidden emotions and wails,

Then I emerged out gems and treasures which gave my life a sail !

I still wake up every day, thinking what do I have to do….

Only answer I get is to ‘ReCreate’ life with all the highest choices given,

I have been given the Mind, Body, and Soul to play with, use it in the best possible way.

Create a life for yourself and others where there is abundance and light every magical day!

– Chandan Kooner